63″ x 63″ Big Ton Springs for an Oil Refinery

April 14, 2008
63&Quot; X 63&Quot; Big Ton Springs For An Oil Refinery
63" x 63" Big Ton Springs for an Oil Refinery

The base measures 63 inches square while the top load flange measures 55 inches square. One of the springs has an overall height of 22-7/16″ and the other an overall height of 28-5/8″. Both big ton springs are custom designed and fabricated from carbon steel with a hot-dipped galvanized finish. The top of the load flange is covered by a stainless steel slide plate. These big ton springs will be used to support heavy (in excess of 100,000 lb.) loads where a standard variable spring would be undersized.

One of the big ton springs is designed with a operating load of 126,000 lb. and the other with an operating load of 225,000 lb. Prior to fabrication, all of the coils, within the frame, were individually tested to insure correct spring rate and load capacity. After the units are fabricated, the entire assembly is tested throughout the entire load/travel range.

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