68,000 lb. Load Custom Clamp

September 10, 2008
68,000 Lb. Load Custom Clamp
68,000 lb. Load Custom Clamp
68,000 Lb. Load Custom Clamp
Custom Clamp

This custom pipe clamp will be used in conjunction with a hydraulic snubber to restrain pipe movement during extremely high disturbances. It is designed to support the pipe where two heavy duty flanges join. The yoke, lugs, and strap sections of the clamp are carbon steel, and the clamp bolts and load bolt/pin are stainless steel.

The outer diameter of the clamp section is 16″, and the inner diameter is 10″. The upper lugs are fabricated from 3/4″ thick plate with a 2-1/4″ diameter load bolt. The maximum load for this custom clamp is 68,000 lb.

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