7'- 6" Long Custom Variable Spring Hangers

November 21, 2007
7'- 6&Quot; Long Custom Variable Spring Hangers
7'- 6" Long Custom Variable Spring Hangers

These variable spring hangers were custom designed per customer specifications for a power plant in Turkey. The pipe hanger assembly measures 7′- 6″ long and the diameter of the can measures 12″. The variable spring hanger is capable of 55,137 lb. of hot load and 63,339 lb. of cold load. The assembly allows for 1″ upward travel.

In order to achieve the required spring rate, PT&P utilized a set of stacked coils (5 5/8″ O.D.) nested inside a larger coil. This produced an overall spring rate of 9,235 lb/in. The upper and lower attachments were minimized to fit within the space requirements provided.

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