Ball-Joint Sway Strut Assemblies (20,000 lb. load, 96″ long) for an Ammonia Plant

October 22, 2008
Ball-Joint Sway Strut Assemblies (20,000 Lb. Load, 96&Quot; Long)
Ball-Joint Sway Strut Assemblies (20,000 lb. load, 96" long)

The overall length of each sway strut is 96 inches. The pipe hanger assembly is designed to control 20,000 lb. of piping load during the system’s thermal expansion and contraction.

These sway struts have a ball joint located at each end connected by an extension rod that controls the piping system through its complete range of thermal piping movements. It is used to restrain movement of piping in one direction while providing for movement due to thermal expansion or contraction in another direction.

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