C-Type Constant with Special Lugs for a Power Plant

April 8, 2009



C-Type Constant With Special Lugs
C-Type Constant with Special Lugs

This PT&P 100 C-Type constant spring support was designed in conjunction with special lugs to fit inside of a trolley. The lugs will provide for movement up and down, as well as extensive horizontal movement. This constant was fabricated entirely from A-36 carbon steel with a hot-dipped galvanize finish. The constant measures 16″ wide x 25″ long x 56″ high. It is designed to carry 16,164 lb. of piping load with a travel of 3 1/2″ downward. The lugs will fit within a trolley by a single pin connection. This configuration will prevent swinging by maintaining the constant in an upright position, which will ensure proper functionality and eliminate any load deviation.

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