Cold Insulated Pipe Saddles with Slide Plates Designed for an Ethane Cracker at a Plant in Texas

August 29, 2016

Cold Insulated Pipe Saddles With Slide Plates Designed For An Ethane Cracker At A Plant In Texas

PT&P designed cold insulated pipe saddles with PTFE slide plates to provide sliding and guiding support for horizontal piping leading to an ethane cracker at a plant in Texas. The project fulfilled an emergency request when the client realized the product was missing at time of installation. The pipe saddles are fabricated from carbon steel with a hot-dipped galvanized finish for pipe sizes ranging from 3″ to 56″. They have a diameter of 40″, height of 23-5/8″, width of 42-1/2″ and 11-7/8″ BOP. Visual inspection and dimensional checks using a section of pipe were completed prior to shipment.