Over 40 Constant Spring Supports Designed to Support Production Pipes

November 12, 2012

Fig. 200 U-Type Constant Spring Support

Over 40 constant spring supports were custom designed to support production pipes in an oil refinery. This picture shows a Fig. 200 U-Type constant spring support.

Fig. 100 B-Type Constant Spring Support

This picture shows a Fig. 100 B-Type constant spring support.

The constants range in size from 22″ to 30″ in height, 35″ to 85″ in length, and 12″ to 31″ in width. Their load capacities range from 1,800 lb. to 20,800 lb. with a vertical movement ranging from 7″ to 11-1/2″. All constants were fabricated from A-36 carbon steel and painted with a 3-coat paint system. Each constant went through standard load and travel testing per MSS Standards prior to shipment.