54" Dia. Pre-Insulated Pipe Shoes Custom Designed for a Pipeline in Texas

May 14, 2024

54&Quot; Dia. Pre-Insulated Pipe Shoes Custom Designed For A Pipeline In Texas

Pipe Shields/PT&P designed and manufactured pre-insulated pipe shoes for a 54″ diameter pipeline in a propane dehydrogenation unit within a chemical processing plant in Texas. The hot shoes are custom-designed with a wide base along with slide plates to accommodate lateral movement and axial movements of +/- 4 1/2″. We designed the hot shoes to include additional bolting along with bolting torque recommendations in order to help prevent slippage of the pipe inside the pipe shoe. We designed the supports to accommodate vertical loads up to 22,200 lb. and temperatures up to 1800°F. The outer part of the shoe was manufactured of hot-dipped galvanized carbon steel while the inner insulation material is 4″ thick high-density calcium silicate insulation.

Here’s a breakdown of their key purposes:

  1. Load Bearing and Movement: Insulated pipe supports are designed to carry the weight of the pipe while also accommodating necessary movement. This is important to prevent stress on the piping system and ensure its longevity.
  2. Insulation: In areas where regular pipe insulation cannot be installed, such as at support points, high density insulated pipe supports can both support the vertical load while providing a layer of insulation. This helps to maintain the temperature of the fluid flowing through the pipes and minimizes heat loss.
  3. Cost Efficiency: By reducing heat loss and minimizing the need for additional insulation materials, insulated pipe supports can help minimize the overall cost of field installation. Additionally, their pre-assembled nature saves installation time, further contributing to cost efficiency.
  4. Non-Welded Design: Unlike traditional supports that may require welding to attach to the pipe, insulated pipe supports are not welded. This simplifies installation and reduces the risk of damage to the pipe or insulation during the installation process.
  5. Shipment as Fully Assembled Units: Insulated pipe supports are typically shipped as fully assembled units, except for certain types like riser supports and anchor supports, which may require some welding during installation. This pre-assembly reduces the need for on-site assembly and ensures consistency in quality across installations.

Overall, insulated pipe supports offer a comprehensive solution for maintaining thermal efficiency, structural integrity, and cost-effectiveness in piping systems.