Shock Control, Restraint & Support Devices Webinar

June 9, 2016

This webinar is over, view the recording in the webinar archives

140,000 Lb. Load Adjustable Hydraulic SnubbersExplore the various applications of snubbers, sway braces and sway struts in piping systems and equipment. Learn how these products help prevent pipe system failure due to seismic loads, flow transients, wind loads, safety valve thrust loads or pipe rupture. Discover the various tests performed within PT&P’s facility to ensure product quality, including cycle testing, travel testing and load testing. Finally, view the value-added services offered by PT&P and rest assure that your shock control, restraint and support device needs can be covered by our 24×7 web-based emergency services, field services and quick-turn around time when you need it most.

The featured presenter, Jerry Godina has over 13 years experience as a pipe support designer and manages PT&P’s engineer training development program. He also inspects existing supports, consults on site remediation projects and oversees installation on a regular basis.