Variable Spring and Cro-Moly 3-bolt Clamp Assemblies for a Power Generation Facility

October 5, 2010

Variable Spring And Cro-Moly 3-Bolt Clamp Assemblies For A Power Generation Facility

The variable spring and clamp assemblies are fabricated using a combination of carbon steel for the housing and internal components, spring steel for the spring coils, and Cro-Moly (A-387 GR. 22) for the high temperature 3-bolt clamps. This pipe hanger assembly is an example of PT&P’s standard variable spring design wherein multiple coils are arranged in series to produce adequate load carrying capacity and coil deflection to compensate for the anticipated pipe movement. These particular assemblies are capable of an overall load range of 9,320 lb. to 15,970 lb. with a total travel range of 5″. All pipe hanger assemblies underwent standard load and travel testing, 100% deflection testing, and load cell calibration before shipping to a power generation facility.

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