F-Type Variable Springs for a Refinery in Oklahoma

June 26, 2017

F-Type Variable Spring Cans For A Refinery In Oklahoma

Type: Variable Spring Supports
Size: 70 7/8″ tall and 17 3/4″ wide
Material: Carbon Steel and PTFE Slide Plates
Design: 30,980 lb. load/2,083 lb. spring rate
Testing: 35,000 lb hydrotest

PT&P manufactured variable spring supports for a refinery in Oklahoma. These F-Type PTP-6 spring cans are 70 7/8″ tall and 17 3/4″ wide. They are completely fabricated from carbon steel with PTFE slide plates welded on the load flange and internal guide. They are designed for an operating load of 30,980 lb. .with a spring rate of 2,083 lb./in. and 0.49″ of movement. These variables were hydrotested with a load of 35,000 lb. prior to shipment.