Vertical F-Type Constants for Power Plant

July 19, 2002
Vertical F-Type Constants For Power Plant
Vertical F-Type Constants for Power Plant

Piping Technology & Products custom designed and manufactured vertical F-type constants for a power plant in Connecticut.

The 100 type F is a vertical constant designed to support piping from below with minimum space usage. The dimensions of the constant are 26-5/8″ high, 10″ wide, and 17-9/16″ long with an operating load of 280 lbs.

This particular F constant, was unusual in that it was furnished with a vertical spring that attaches below the frame of the constant. In addition to a downward travel of 3″, the flange table shifts forward at 1-3/8″ to minimize axial movement.

A galvanized finish was applied to the constant to prevent corrosion. The constants can be bolted on or welded to the support or steel underneath.

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