Big Ton Springs with a Custom 3-Coat Paint System

May 18, 2010
Big Ton Springs With A Custom 3-Coat Paint System
Big Ton Springs with a Custom 3-Coat Paint System

PT&P fabricated big ton spring supports for an expedited delivery of six weeks from conceptual design to final delivery. The big tons measure 26″ long x 26″ deep x 34-5/8″ tall and will be used to support substantial vertical loads while simultaneously providing a base support structure. They are designed for operating loads of 36,000 lb. with a travel of .5625″ down.

Due to the harsh and corrosive environment, the exposed metal surfaces were finished with a three-coat urethane paint while the threaded components were cadmium plated with a blue Fluorocarbon coating. The big tons were also salt water spray tested according to ASTM B117 standards, and load tested to verify the springs’ functionality throughout the entire travel range.

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