C-Type Constant Springs Designed for a Chemical Plant in Italy

January 29, 2018

C-Type Constant Springs Designed For A Chemical Plant In Italy

Type: Constant Spring Supports
Size: 14″ x 19″ x 64″
Material: A36 Carbon Steel
Design: 2 1/2” to 5” Total Travel and 7,681 lb. Load
Testing: Standard Load and Travel Tests

PT&P custom designed and manufactured C-Type constant spring supports for a chemical plant in Italy. The constants were designed for travel from 2 1/2” to 5” and are specified to carry a load of 7,681 lb. They are fabricated from A36 carbon steel and have a physical size of 14″ x 19″ x 64″. The supports were designed for max deviation of 6%. The standard load adjustment is 10%. However, this unit was designed with capability of up to 20%, while the standard load deviation is 4%. This constant was custom designed to allow for single pin connection with negligible constant frame at the pin connection. A multi-position locking device was installed, and standard load and travel tests were performed to ensure quality and precise performance.