113 F-Type Variable Spring Cans with PTFE Slide Plates

July 16, 2012

113 F-Type Variable Spring Cans With Ptfe Slide PlatesThese F-Type variable spring cans were designed with PTFE, 25% glass filled slide plates for a local oil refinery. Slide plates are used to reduce the friction between the load flange of the spring and the pipe support. This allows for easier adjustment of the spring’s installed height. These variables include external travel stops. The external travel stops are sometimes referred to as universal travel stops and can be utilized to adjust the installed load (also called the cold load) to other installed loads within the working range of the spring. 113 variable springs were supplied for this job. The variables have an installed load ranging from 95 lb. to 11,000 lb. and an operating load ranging from 90 lb. to 10,703 lb. They are part of a plant expansion and will be used to support horizontal piping in an oil refinery.


113 F-Type Variable Spring Cans With Ptfe Slide Plates