G-Type Variable Spring Support Assemblies for an Expansion Project at an Oil Refinery

March 14, 2011

G-Type Variable Spring Support Assemblies For An Expansion Project At An Oil Refinery PTP-2 Type-G variable spring support assemblies were designed and fabricated for an expansion project at an oil refinery. The G-type spring is comprised of two standard variable spring housing-coil subassemblies joined together with an intermediate bridge assembly. The bridge assembly is customized to match existing site conditions, which allows for use in applications with limited space or interferences. This particular assembly was provided with extra large channels because the specified C-C dimension of 59″ exceeded the maximum (48″) of our standard G-type variable springs. The housings, internal components and channels were fabricated from carbon steel, and spring steel was used for the coils. The assembly was designed for a total operating load of 24,014 lb. with a design travel of 0.76″ upward.

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