Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports for both Cryogenic and High Temperature Applications

April 25, 2013

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Cold ShoesExplore how Polyurethane foam is produced, from mixing polyols and isocyanates to inspecting the final product. Learn about anchor shoe testing, lateral load testing, compressive strength testing, and axial load testing. Increase your understanding of the value-added services that are offered by PT&P, and rest assured that your Pre-Insulated Pipe Support needs can be covered by our 24×7 web-based emergency services, providing field service, and quick-turn around time when you need it most.

The featured presenter, Jerry Godina has over 15 years experience as a pipe support designer and manages PT&P’s engineer training development program. He also inspects existing supports, consults on site remediation projects and oversees installation on a regular basis.