Variable Spring Supports for a Gas Storage Facility in Abu Dhabi

August 1, 2011

Variable Spring Supports For A Gas Storage FacilityVariable Spring Supports For A Gas Storage Facility

A total of 90 variable spring supports were designed and manufactured to support pipe lines in a gas storage facility in Abu Dhabi. The pictures above show PTP-4 Double Spring B-Type, PTP-6 Triple Springs B-Type, PTP-1 Triple Springs D-Type, and PTP-4 Double Springs F-Type, (also known as F-Cans). Load capacities range from 1,000 lb. to 45,000 lb., and movements range from 3/8″ to 3″. A two-layer custom paint was applied over the hot-dip galvanized finish to protect against a severely corrosive environment. Travel stops were chained to the spring can housing, so they can be reused during plant shutdowns. Load and quality assurance tests were performed on all the supports prior to shipment.

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