Cold Insulated Supports at a Chemical Plant in Texas

March 24, 2020


A6000U Series Insulated Supports For Cold Temperature Piping At A Chemical Plant In Texas

Type: Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports | Cold-Temperature
Size: 1/2″ -3″ Pipe Sizes | 4″ Thick Insulation
Material: Polyurethane Insulation | HDG CS Jackets
Testing: Q.C. Inspection & Tests

Pipe Shields, a division of PT&P, custom-designed multiple A6000U series insulated supports for a chemical plant in Texas for cold temperature piping. The cold pre-insulated shoes are fabricated from carbon steel with galvanized jackets, polyurethane foam insulation (PUF) and a vapor barrier. They are designed for pipe sizes ranging from 1/2” to 3” with insulation up to 4” thick. Standard quality control tests were performed prior to shipment.  Learn more about our pre-insulated supports and place your order with us today!