Hydraulic Snubbers Designed for LLDPE Chemical Plant

June 17, 2016

Hydraulic Snubbers Designed For Lldpe Chemical Plant

These Fig. 511 AD long hydraulic snubbers were created for a linear low-density (LLDPE) chemical plant in Louisiana. The snubbers with two (2) rear brackets range in length from 34-⅝” to 49”. They are designed with spherical, self-aligning ball bushings that allow for + 5° of angular motion or misalignment.  The snubbers can handle maximum loads varying up to 5520 lb. Cylinder sizes are 1-½” and 2-½” and have a 6” stroke. The hydraulic fluid is petroleum based and the seals are a mix of buna-nitrile and polyurethane and the pressurized hydraulic reservoir allows mounting in any spatial orientation. The snubbers are painted with a primer that utilizes zinc filled powder manufactured by Tnemec. Ⓡ  The formulation for the primer is Series H90-97 | Tneme-Zinc.