19 Sets of Phosphorus Bronze and Stainless Steel Slide Plate Assemblies for Supporting Vessels

September 14, 2010

19 Sets Of Phosphorus Bronze And Stainless Steel Slide Plate Assemblies For Supporting Vessels

The slide plate assemblies are fabricated from stainless steel, phosphorus bronze, and carbon steel. The 2″ thick carbon steel base plate is securely anchored to a concrete foundation, and the stainless steel slide plates are affixed to the base plate by countersunk attachment bolts. The phosphorus bronze slide plates, with machined grooves on the underside are placed on top of the stainless steel plates.

Underside View Of Phosphorus Bronze Slide Plate Closer View Of Polished Stainless Steel And Grease Fitting

To allow for lubrication between to the contact surfaces of the two slide plates, grease is added through a fitting on the side of the bronze slide plate. The fitting allows access to a channel in the center of the bronze slide plate that leads to the grooves. A hole is located in the 2″ thick base plate to allow for grout to be poured through after installation.

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