Cold Shoes to be Shipped to Puerto Rico

November 22, 2006
Cold Shoes To Be Shipped To Puerto Rico
Cold Shoes to be Shipped to Puerto Rico

Normal pipeline insulation is not designed to support the pipe or its contents. When insulated pipes are supported, the weight of the pipe, the contents, the operating temperature, and the amount of energy loss must be considered.  In order to support the pipe and minimize energy loss from heat transfer, a pre-insulated pipe support is necessary.   If the material in the pipe is high temperature such as high pressure steam or heating oil, then high temperature insulation is required, and these supports are called hot shoes.  If the material is cold, such as liquefied natural gas, cooling water or ammonia, then low temperature insulation is needed, and these types of supports are called cold shoes.

PT&P received the order to fabricate 140 cold shoes from a contractor in Puerto Rico. The overall weight of the order was 11,000 lbs and was produced in 8 weeks. The shoes were designed to support 8, 10 and 12 inch pipe sizes with 2 inches of insulation. They were designed using our Pipe Shields Division and correspond to the following model numbers: B2000, B4000,and C4100. These can be seen on our Pipe Shields website or you can request a catalog.

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