Custom Designed Elevated Hold-Down Clamp Assembly Fabricated for a 54" Suction Line in a Gas Plant

February 28, 2011
Drawing Of Complete Assembly (Including Hold-Down Clamp, Pedestals And Beams)
Drawing of Complete Assembly (including hold-down clamp, pedestals and beams)
Pedestals And Beams In Operation
Pedestals and Beams in Operation

The 54″ suction line carrying gas to a gas compressor at a rate of 1.7 million lb./hr. developed a severe vibration. The deflections in the line were up to 3/4″ and it was fully observable during operation.

Hold-Down Clamp In Operation
Hold-down Clamp in Operation

PT&P designed and manufactured a special elevated hold-down clamp, including a unique laminated vibration dampening lining. The entire pipe hanger assembly stands 22′ high and is coated with a carboline zinc finish. After installation and resumption of operations, the vibrations are now almost imperceptible.

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