Special E-Type Constant Springs Designed to Support Boiler Trim Piping

June 4, 2012

Custom Ptp-100 E-Type Constant Spring Supports

Special PTP-100 E-Type constant spring supports were custom designed to support boiler trim piping for steam generating in an upper thermal power unit. The constants measure 5-3/8″ W x 16-3/4″ L x 23-1/2″ H. They are highly customized to meet the customer’s space requirements and operating method to eliminate the hanger rod from shifting, allowing it to move only vertically while going from cold to hot position. Standard constant assemblies of this size, are about 50% larger and the hanger rod would shift horizontally as the travel reaches the hot position. These constants are designed for loads ranging from 72 lb. to 92 lb. and movements ranging from 10″ to 11-1/2″ downward. Standard load and travel tests were conducted prior to shipment