300 Variable Spring Supports Designed for a Furnace Application

April 25, 2016

300 Variable Spring Supports Designed For A Furnace Application At A Methanol Processing Facility

PT&P designed and fabricated 300 variable spring supports for use in a furnace within a methanol processing facility in Mexico. We manufactured the ”housing” of these variable springs using seamless pipe (in order to prevent the springs’ coils from rubbing against the ”weld seam” of a standard pipe) so that the exact spring rate (+/- 5%) can be calculated without discrepancies or variations. The reason that an accurate spring rate is important is because furnace springs function as a ”scale” in order to determine the weight of the radiant coils within the unit. These springs are coated with red oxide primer to protect against corrosion. We manufactured these furnace spring assemblies for an operating load of 1,036 lb. and a movement up to 8 1/2″. Each spring is traceable to test data and tagged with its’ unique spring rate along with other standard information use for identification.