Pig Receiver with Saddle Supports

June 4, 2004

Pig Receiver With Saddle Supports
Pig Receiver with Saddle Supports

Sweco Fab, Inc. recently fabricated a Pig Receiver Class 600 with saddle supports for an industrial company in Texas.  The pig receiver is composed of a 24 dia. minor barrel and a 30 dia. major barrel with 1 thick walls. It is approximately 250 in length and weighs 8,200 lb. The major and minor barrels are fabricated from API-5L Gr.B, X42 and SA106B material, respectively. All other items are fabricated from SA105, SA106B, and SA-36 as applicable. The receiver is designed per ASME B31.8 with a 0.72 Design Factor and NACE MP-01-75. The design pressure is 1480 PSIG at 125°F.

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