F-Type Variable Spring Supports for a Chemical Plant and Refinery in Singapore

December 20, 2010
F-Type Variable Spring Supports
F-Type Variable Spring Supports

An assortment of standard variable spring supports were manufactured ranging in size from 8-5/8″ to 12-3/4″ dia. with installed heights ranging from 9-7/16″ to 18-1/8″. The F-Type pipe hanger assembly is used to support the pipe from below and are typically mounted to concrete pads via anchor bolts or welded to structural steel. The various springs shown are designed for operating conditions ranging from loads of 1750 lb. with .02″ travel to 21,280 lb. loads with .13″ travel. As with all of our variable supports, these were quality checked with a 100% spring coil deflection test and a load cell calibration to set the assembly at the prescribed installed load.

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