Variable Springs with Guided Load Columns and PTFE Lined Pipe Saddles

March 2, 2012

Variable Springs With Guided Load Columns And A Ptfe Lined Pipe Saddles

These F-type variable spring supports are fabricated from carbon steel with a hot dipped galvanized finish and designed with guided load columns to provide stability for minimum lateral movement. The fig. 46 pipe saddles are also fabricated from carbon steel with a HDG finish and lined with PTFE, 25% glass filled material. The pipe saddles are designed for 8″ to 36″ diameter pipe sizes, and the entire assembly is 50″ in height. These variable-saddle support assemblies are capable of supporting up to 22,300 lb. and 1″ vertical movements. We performed standard spring loading tests and a Q.C. inspection prior to shipping to an offshore oil and gas platform near Malaysia.