Various Variable Support Assemblies for a Power Generation Facility

April 25, 2003
Various Variable Support Assemblies For A Power Generation Facility
Various Support Assemblies for a Power Generation Facility

Piping Technology & Products, Inc. designed and manufactured 85 support assemblies for a power generation facility in Georgia.   These assemblies consisted of Variable and Constant Assemblies and structures made with carbon steel and alloy material. The variable spring hanger assemblies have standard three-bolt clamps and lug attachments for the existing pipes. These variable spring hangers accommodate operating loads varying from 8,000 to 18,000 lb. and 1-1/2 ” of upward travel. PT&P also manufactured a Fig.43 (heavy duty yoke u-bolt) for a 14″ diameter pipe. Components of the Fig. 43 include yoke, U-bolt, shield, and lug. The structure (beam, plate, angle, and tube steel) was painted green as per the customer’s specifications.

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