Custom Designed 30 Foot long Rod Hanger Assemblies for a Power Plant in North Carolina

September 9, 2019


Custom Designed 30 Foot Long Rod Hanger Assemblies For A Power Plant In North Carolina

Type: Rod Hanger Assemblies
Size: 3-1/2” Diameter | 30′ Long
Material: A36 Carbon Steel  | SA-182 F1 | A563 Gr. C | Red Oxide
Design: Custom Designed Length & Diameter

PT&P custom designed and manufactured sixty rod hanger assemblies for a power plant in North Carolina. The rod diameter is 3 ½” and 30 feet long and utilizes Fig. 95 clevises. The rod material is A36 carbon steel, the clevises from SA -182 F1, and hex nuts from A563 Gr. C. The assemblies were also painted with red oxide primer to protect against corrosion. The rod hangers had to be custom designed because the length and diameter required was not readily available in the marketplace.

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Bellmouth Reducers & Custom Pipe Spools Designed for an Ammonia Plant

August 26, 2019


Bellmouth Reducers &Amp; Custom Pipe Spools Designed For An Ammonia Plant

Type: Bellmouth Reducers, Ring Flanges, Pipe Spool Elbows
Size: 36” NPS | Opened to 48″ NPS
Material: Carbon Steel  | 304 Stainless Steel
Design: 150°F | 150 PSI Operating Pressure

PT&P designed and manufactured bellmouth reducers, ring flanges and custom pipe spool elbows for an Ammonia Plant in Texas. Bellmouth reducers are a single piece component used to transition a large outside diameter into a smaller outside diameter piping. These reducers are used in the cooling process; the shape allows for drawing in maximum amounts of air while preventing loss. The bellmouths are fabricated from carbon steel and 304 stainless steel. They are designed for operating temperatures of 150°F with an operating pressure of 150 PSI. Dimensions are 36” NPS opened to 48” bellmouth. Tests that were performed are spot x-ray, visual and dimensional, PMI-alloys and stainless steel.

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Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports Custom Designed with 6” of High Density Insulation

August 5, 2019


29 Specially Designed High-Temperature Supports For A Power Plant In Arizona

Type: High Temperature Pipe Suports (Hot Shoes)
Size: 10” NPS x 6” Hot Insulation x 12” Long
Material: Carbon Steel with HDG finish | Casi & High Density Inserts
Design: 1200°F | 15,000 lb. Vertical | 6,245 lb. Axial

These pre-insulated high-temperature pipe supports were designed and fabricated for a 10” diameter high-temperature pipeline at a power plant in Arizona. The supports are fabricated from carbon steel with HDG finish and include casi & high-density inserts. They are designed to guide pipes that may reach up to 1200°F, high loads of up to 15,000 lb. vertical and 6,245 lb. axial. There were twenty-nine total “hot shoes” ranging in different designs. The “grooves” in the insulation are for steam tracing. Steam tracing is heat tracing performed by circulating steam around process pipes to heat them. The shoe assemblies are comprised of the four guides on the shoe and adjustable stops. They are designed to account for lateral, vertical, and axial movement. Dimensions for the supports pictured are 10” NPS x 6” thick insulation x 12” long base. Standard tests and Q.C. inspections were performed before shipping.

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Graphite Slide Plates Ranging in Size from 4″ to 10″

July 29, 2019



Graphite Slide Plates For An Technology And Engineering Company In North Carolina

Type: Graphite Slide Plates
Size: 4”-10” Length | 4”-10″ Width
Material: Graphite Sheets | Carbon Steel
Design: 2000 PSI Operating Pressure

PT&P manufactured multiple graphite slide plates for a technology and engineering company in North Carolina. The materials for these slide plates are made of graphite sheets with carbon steel backing pads. The dimensions range in length 4”-10” and width 4”-10” with an soperating pressure of 2000 PSI. All carbon steel plates will be galvanized. The graphite pad will then be bonded to carbon steel backing plates with a ¾ lip.

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Personnel Protection Shields Designed for a Power Plant

July 8, 2019


Personnel Protection Shields Designed For A Power Plant

Type: Personnel Protection Shields
Size: 8″ Dia. | Up to 36″ Lengths
Material: Galvanized Carbon Steel
Design: 1050°F Operating Temperature

PT&P custom designed these personnel protection shields for a power plant in Wyoming. The personnel protection shields are used when insulating the line is not necessary, but operating temperatures require safeguarding personnel from coming into contact with the pipe. These shields are designed for an 8” diameter pipe operating at 1050°F. They are fabricated from carbon steel and range in lengths up to 36”.

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Variable Spring Supports Designed for a Highly Corrosive Environment in Peru

July 1, 2019


Variable Spring Supports Designed For A Highly Corrosive Environment In Peru

Type: Variable Spring Supports w/ PTFE Slide Plates
Size: PTP-4 | 9.5″ – 11.5″ Height
Design: 1/8″ Upward & 3/16″ Downward Travel
Material: HDG Carbon Steel | Gloss Aliphatic Polyurethane Topcoat | PTFE, 25% Glass Filled Slide Plates
Testing: Standard Load Testing & Q.C. Inspection

Piping Technology & Products, Inc. recently designed and fabricated F-type variable spring supports for a plant in Peru. The variables are fabricated from carbon steel, hot-dipped galvanized and a gloss aliphatic polyurethane topcoat was applied for corrosion protection. PTFE, 25% glass filled, slide plates are bonded to the top of the load flange to reduce the friction caused by lateral movement. The variables range from 9.5″ to 11.5″ in height and are designed for a travel range of 1/8″ upward to 3/16″ downward. To ensure quality, standard load testing was performed prior to shipping.

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Custom Designed Pipe Spools for a Plant in Texas

June 24, 2019

Custom Designed Pipe Spools For A Plant In Texas

Type: Pipe Spools
Size: A36 for flanges and plates, A 106 for pipe, and for stud/nuts A193 B7
Material: Carbon Steel
Testing: Visual & Q.C. Tests

PT&P custom designed these Pipe Spools for a plant in Texas. pipe spools are relatively short assembly, consisting of a pre-determined length of pipe welded to a specified fitting (tee, elbow or reducer) or valve (gate or ball), with flanges typically welded at each end of the pipe. The materials used are carbon steel A36 for flanges and plates, A 106 for pipe, and for stud/nuts A193 B7. This order contained 2 pipe spools, ring retainer, pad eyes, & mount supports. Operating loads were 2200 lb. with standard shipping.

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Custom Big Ton Springs Designed for a 122,000 lb. Load for a Chemical Plant

May 20, 2019

Custom Big Ton Springs Designed For A 122,000 Lb. Load For A Chemical Plant

Type: Big Ton Spring Supports
Size: 52-3/4″ L x 38-3/4″ W x 91″ H
Design: 121,916 lb. Load | 3/4″ Upwards Movement
Material: HDG Carbon Steel | Neoprene Coated Springs
Testing: Load Calibration Test | Hydro-tested

PT&P custom designed a big ton spring support for a chemical plant in Pennsylvania. The big ton will be used to support a vessel in excess of 121,916 lb. and a movement of 3/4” upwards. The dimensions for this unit are 52-3/4” L x 38-3/4” W x 91” H. The big ton spring support is designed to support large and heavy units such as compressors, vessels, and pumps in power and petrochemical plants. They are designed to allow limited movement in confined areas. By doing this, it saves the customer from having to entirely redesign the piping system and saves thousands of dollars. The big ton has an internal guide and special pedestal which was designed to meet the required height of the spring and withstand the hydro-test load. A load calibration test was performed before shipping.

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Variable Spring Hangers Designed for a Plant in Texas

April 22, 2019

Variable Spring Hangers Designed For A Plant In Texas

Type: B-Type Variable Spring Supports
Size: PTP 100 & 200 | 3′ – 8′ ft. Height
Design: 4,000 lb. – 17,000 lb. Loads
Material: HDG Carbon Steel | Neoprene Coated Springs
Testing: Standard Load Test | Q.C. Tests

Piping Technology and Products, Inc. recently designed and fabricated B-Type variable spring supports for a plant in Texas. The operating loads range from 4,000 lb. to 17,000 lb. The variable springs are fabricated from galvanized carbon steel, have neoprene coated steel spring coils, and are designed to operate in environments up to 750°F. They have an overall height range from 3 ft. to 8 ft″. To ensure quality, standard load tests were performed prior to shipment.

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Hold-Down Pipe Clamps Designed for a 36″ Diameter Natural Gas Pipeline

April 8, 2019

Hold-Down Pipe Clamps Designed For A 36&Quot; Diameter Natural Gas Pipeline

Type: HD-2 Hold-Down Pipe Clamps
HD Size: 36″ Dia. x 12″ W x 8-7/16″ H
Wedge Size: 23-3/16″ L x 6″ W
Material: Carbon Steel | PTFE
Testing: Standard Q.C. Tests

PT&P designed 50 HD-2 hold-down pipe clamps with wedges for a natural gas pipeline in Texas. They were fabricated from carbon steel and include PTFE slide plates. The hold-downs are designed for a 36″ pipeline, and are 12″ wide by 8-7/16″ tall. The wedges are 23-3/16″ long by 6″ wide. They are designed for an operating temperature on 400°F, and have an adjustable height. Standard quality control test were performed prior to shipment.

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