Hydraulic Snubber vs. Mechanical Snubber

March 11, 2011

Have you ever wondered which type of  snubber to select for your piping system? Should you pick a hydraulic snubber or should you pick a mechanical snubber? Which one is right for your application? This seems to be a common concern for quite a few of our customers, so we have just recently published an article that discusses the pros and cons for both hydraulic and mechanical snubbers.  Check out the article, Suitability of Snubbers for Various Applications.

Hydraulic Snubber Assemblies For A Lng Processing Facility In Peru
Hydraulic Snubber Assemblies for a LNG Processing Facility in Peru

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New Instrument Support Catalog

March 5, 2011

We have a new  recently revamped instrument supports catalog! Our online catalog has a variety of new features that allow you to easily browse through our assortment of instrument stands:

– New color photos of instrument supports

– Selection chart to easily pick the best instrument stand for your application

– New indexes with thumbnails to quickly view a variety of supports

– Improved navigation to easily browse the site

Head on over to our site to check it out! Instrument Supports Catalog

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Custom Designed Elevated Hold-Down Clamp Assembly Fabricated for a 54" Suction Line in a Gas Plant

February 28, 2011
Drawing Of Complete Assembly (Including Hold-Down Clamp, Pedestals And Beams)
Drawing of Complete Assembly (including hold-down clamp, pedestals and beams)
Pedestals And Beams In Operation
Pedestals and Beams in Operation

The 54″ suction line carrying gas to a gas compressor at a rate of 1.7 million lb./hr. developed a severe vibration. The deflections in the line were up to 3/4″ and it was fully observable during operation.

Hold-Down Clamp In Operation
Hold-down Clamp in Operation

PT&P designed and manufactured a special elevated hold-down clamp, including a unique laminated vibration dampening lining. The entire pipe hanger assembly stands 22′ high and is coated with a carboline zinc finish. After installation and resumption of operations, the vibrations are now almost imperceptible.

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Large Custom "Sling" Support and Horizontal Traveler Assemblies for an Oil Refinery

February 21, 2011

Large Custom &Quot;Sling&Quot; Support And Horizontal Traveler Assemblies For An Oil Refinery

Three custom “sling” support assemblies fabricated from stainless steel were designed for an oil refinery in Louisiana. The assemblies are comprised of a 79.25″ diameter custom saddle support and two horizontal travelers (Fig.270 PTP-4). They are capable of loads up to 44,000 lb., and were designed, fabricated and shipped in four weeks for expedited delivery.

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Hydraulic Snubbers (Fig. 511 AD) with Protective Boots Designed for a Hydro-sulfuric Acid Environment in a Geothermal Power Plant

February 14, 2011

Hydraulic Snubbers (Fig. 511 Ad) With Protective Boots Designed For A Hydro-Sulfuric Acid Environment In A Geothermal Power Plant   Hydraulic Snubbers (Fig. 511 Ad) With Protective Boots Designed For A Hydro-Sulfuric Acid Environment In A Geothermal Power Plant

Fronek Anchor/Darling, a division of PT&P, designed and manufactured hydraulic snubbers with protective boots for a hydro-sulfuric acid environment in a geothermal power plant. They measure 53-5/8″ pin-to-pin with a 3-1/4″ cylinder bore size and 6″ stroke.

The snubbers are designed for an actual load of 15,400 lb., but have a rated load capacity of 20,000 lb. They are fabricated from carbon and alloy steel, and include two coats of epoxy-based paint. An activation velocity test was performed, along with a release rate and drag characteristics test.

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100-C Constant Spring Supports with Double Lug Suspension and Chained Travel Stops for an Oil Refinery in Canada

January 31, 2011

100-C Constant Spring Supports With Double Lug Suspension And Chained Travel Stops For An Oil Refinery In Canada

These figure 100 C-type constant springs were manufactured from A36 carbon steel for an oil refinery in Canada. Each constant was designed for 7″ of travel with a load of 35,144 lb. They measure 21.5″ W x 42″ L x 80″ H, and were specially designed to match a competitor’s dimensions in order to fit in the required application.

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Why perform a walk-down in your plant?

Ever wondered just how important it is to regularly walk through your plant to ensure proper functionality of all pipe supports in the piping system? Understanding the critical nature of properly functioning pipe supports and how they contribute to the overall system, one should thoroughly inspect each component for proper operation during different phases of the life of the unit.

Inspecting A Constant In The Field
Inspecting a Constant During a Plant Walk Down

Check out a recent article we published on the Importance of a Plant Walk Down. Learn what to check for and when to perform certain types of plant walk downs. Use these tools to avoid a failure or potentially catastrophic situation.  See Full Article

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Insulated Pipe Supports for Temperatures as Low as -260°F for a 30" Diameter Pipe in a LNG Receiving & Regasification Plant and Refinery

January 25, 2011

Cryogenic Supports For A Lng Receiving &Amp; Regasification Plant And Refinery

These cryogenic supports (also known as cold shoes) are fabricated from 20 PCF polyurethane insulation, weigh 650 lb. each and are designed for 30″ diameter pipe. They are comprised of a carbon steel base plate and bearing plate, a vapor barrier and an aluminum jacket. The supports are designed for temperatures as low as -260°F, and measure 27″ length by 44″ height. A total of thirty-four supports were fabricated for natural gas applications, including storage and transport.

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Constant Spring Supports with Corrosion Resistant Coating Manufactured on a Rush Basis for Off-shore Drilling in Malaysia

January 17, 2011
Fig. 200 C-Type Constants
Fig. 200 C-Type Constants
Fig. 200 U-Type Upthrust Constants
Fig. 200 U-Type Upthrust Constants


A “U-Type” and 6 “C-Type” constant spring supports were designed to support piping in a corrosive environment located off-shore in Malaysia. The U-Type measures 21″ x 25″ x 57″ and C-Types range in size from 11-5/8″ x 17″ x 4″ to 18-3/4″ x 32″ x 80″.

Constant Spring Supports With Corrosion Resistent Coating

The constants are fabricated from A36 carbon steel with a fluorocarbon coating on the pins. The frame, housing, and all components were coated with a 3-coat paint system to resist corrosion. Standard load and travel tests were performed prior to shipping the constants on a rush basis.

Want to learn more about constant springs? Instantly view a past webinar on constants now!

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ASME Code Pig Launchers and Receivers with a Safety Locking System

January 3, 2011
Asme Code Pig Launchers And Receivers With A Safety Locking System
ASME Code Pig Launchers and Receivers

The pig launchers and receivers were designed for a coal-bed methane gas production facility in Colorado. They are equipped with an integral safety locking system which works on the principle of mechanical key interlocking (transfer of keys). This system avoids serious injuries from human error and insures safety of personnel.

Asme Code Pig Launchers And Receivers With A Safety Locking System
Safety Locking System

One starter key per launcher/receiver is kept in a box located in the control room. Each lock is executed with two keys. When the first valve is opened with this starter key, it releases the second key. This key is transferred to next valve which releases second key from that valve and so on and so forth. This process guides the operator through the specified sequence for opening and closing valves with unique a key for each step.

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