G-Type Constant Spring Support, 96" Long by 40" High, Designed to Support a 12,818 lb. Load

February 10, 2013

G-Type Constant Spring Support, 96&Quot; Long By 40&Quot; High, Designed To Support A 12,818 Lb. Load
This PTP-100 Type-G constant spring support is 96″ long by 40″ high and will support a 12,818 lb. load. It has an actual travel of 0.3″ and total travel of 1-1/2″. The G-type constant is comprised of two standard constant spring housing sub-assemblies joined together with an intermediate bridge assembly. The bridge assembly is customized to handle up to 26,000 lb. of hydro load. The G-type assembly allows for use in applications with limited space. Special identification tags were installed in addition to PT&P’s standard name plates per the customer’s request. Standard testing was performed and witnessed by an outside inspector prior to shipment.

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Variable Spring Hanger and Pipe Clamp Assemblies Designed for a Cogeneration Plant in Canada

January 27, 2013

Variable Spring Hanger And Pipe Clamp Assemblies Designed For A Cogeneration Plant In Canada

These variable spring hanger and pipe clamp assemblies were custom designed for pipes ranging from 6″ to 20″ diameters at a co-generation plant in Canada. The spring can, threaded rods, weldless eyenuts, welded beam attachments and Fig. 80 pipe clamps were fabricated from hot-dipped galvanized carbon steel. The assemblies are capable of an overall load of 10,790 lb. with a total travel of 1/2″. A total of 21 spring hanger and clamp assemblies underwent standard load and travel testing.

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Stainless Steel Constant Spring Supports for an Oil Refinery in the Virgin Islands

December 17, 2012

Stainless Steel Constant Spring Supports For An Oil Refinery In The Virgin Islands

PT&P custom designed  C-type constant spring supports for an oil refinery in the Virgin Islands. They are fabricated entirely from 304 stainless steel to support piping in a highly corrosive environment. The design loads are 7,000 lb., 9,500 lb., and 11,000 lb. with movements of 2-1/2″ and 3″. The constants measure 29″ L x 22″ W x 20″ H. Standard load and travel testing was conducted prior to shipment.

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New Webinar: Pipe Supports for Beginners- Constants & Variables

December 6, 2012

View the recording at: Webinars

This webinar series was created to explain the basic principles of different types of pipe supports in the simplest way possible. It is geared towards “non-engineers” who want to have a better understanding of pipe supports. This particular presentation will give you a brief introduction to pipe supports and will then solely concentrate on constant and variable spring supports. It will explain the various designs, applications, and details of each support using simple terms and a lot of visual aids. The presentation will conclude with general guidelines of the maintenance and ordering process of constants and variables.

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PTFE Slide Plates Designed for a Refinery in Louisiana

December 1, 2012

Ptfe Slide Plates

These slide plate assemblies are comprised of 3/32″ thick PTFE, 25% glass filled slide plates bonded to 1/4″ thick hot dipped galvanized carbon steel backing plates. They measure 139″ long by 11-1/2″ wide, and were designed for a pressure of 2000 psi at -320°F to 500°F. PTFE, 25% glass filled material provides a low coefficient of friction, is easy to install, does not require surface treatments, or grouting, and is unaffected by weather conditions. These type of slide plates are typically installed on top of a concrete pillar under a large vessel.

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Cryogenic and Axial Stop Cold Shoes for an LNG Facility

November 18, 2012

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Piping Technology and Products supplied these cryogenic and axial stop cold shoes for an LNG facility in Australia. A total of 28 assemblies were fabricated with carbon steel, stainless steel and Micarta® G-10 insulation blocks. They were a wide range of lengths from 24″ to 36″, widths from 6 3/4″ to 30″ and heights from 9″ to 10 1/4″. The pipe shoes will support pipes ranging in diameter from 6″ to 48″ NPS in cryogenic temperatures as low as -162°C. A special paint system was used for the carbon steel components to resist rust. PMI testing was performed on the stainless parts prior to shipping.

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Over 40 Constant Spring Supports Designed to Support Production Pipes

November 12, 2012

Fig. 200 U-Type Constant Spring Support

Over 40 constant spring supports were custom designed to support production pipes in an oil refinery. This picture shows a Fig. 200 U-Type constant spring support.

Fig. 100 B-Type Constant Spring Support

This picture shows a Fig. 100 B-Type constant spring support.

The constants range in size from 22″ to 30″ in height, 35″ to 85″ in length, and 12″ to 31″ in width. Their load capacities range from 1,800 lb. to 20,800 lb. with a vertical movement ranging from 7″ to 11-1/2″. All constants were fabricated from A-36 carbon steel and painted with a 3-coat paint system. Each constant went through standard load and travel testing per MSS Standards prior to shipment.

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Variable Spring Hanger and Structural Steel Assembly for a Solar Electric Generating System

October 28, 2012

Variable Spring HangersVariable Spring Hanger And Structural Steel Assembly

These variable spring hangers were designed for a 10″ pipe line in a solar electric generating system. All assemblies were fabricated from A-36 carbon steel with a hot-dipped galvanize finish. The picture on the left shows a structural steel assembly supporting a PTP-1 variable spring and a Fig.80 heavy 3-bolt clamp designed for a 3,789 lb. load. The picture on the right shows two PTP-2 variable spring hangers welded to a structural steel beam designed for a 675 lb. load. Each pipe hanger assembly went through standard load and travel testing prior to shipping.

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